Friday, August 6, 2010

football practice

Konnor's officially started football practice this week. i'm so proud of him -- while we've had 100degree + days, he's been out there practicin' his heart out! football - TACKLE football - has been a passion of his for a couple years now. yes, this is his first year to play TACKLE FOOTBALL. he played flag football two years ago, wanted to only play tackle last year, but we failed to sign him up on time and we heard about it all year. ;)

and he's focused -- just check out this focus:

and he's so cute! i'm his mama, so i can say that. :) he's a tough dude, and i'm proud of him. he falls, he gets back up and keeps going.

look at these guys-they're serious about their football!

he's got a great coach-makin' sure they're well hydrated, with water breaks every 20 minutes. safety is first and foremost - then havin' fun and learning the game! can't wait for this football season!

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